Weekend getaways really aren't what they used to be.

We've become so accustomed to having everything readily available to us at a moment's notice.  Convenience has taken over.  However, there are spots that you can experience back to nature, but still enjoy all of the big city amenities that we can't seem to live without.

Getting Out of Great Falls and Hitting the Road for a Short Trip

Airbnb's are some of the hottest places across the state to enjoy a weekend.  They are everywhere.  Including just 20 minutes away from Great Falls.  Heading east from the Electric City is the quaint town of Belt, which is the gateway to the Riceville Canyon and where this particular location is for rent.

Spending Your Weekend in the Lap of Luxury Set in the Country

The Ranches at Belt Creek offer Airbnb cabins for rental for your getaway, celebration or just some down time fishing and enjoying a hot tub.  Angler's Perch is our featured cabin, offering over 1300sq feet of living space, 2 bedrooms, bath and laundry.  Plus, incredible views of the Belts and the Highwood Mountain range.

The reviews for this rental are also stellar:

This is exactly what my family and I hoped to find in Montana: Beautiful land, amazing hospitality and truly good people. My dogs already want to come back to live the ranch life.

If the dogs like the place, can you go wrong?  I think not.

It's a little pricey, but you won't be disappointed after you check out the gallery of photos of this incredible rental.

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The Ranches at Belt Creek - Angler's Perch Airbnb Rental

This amazing rental is a vacationer's dream. With full amenities and country flavor, you won't be disappointed staying just outside of Great Falls.

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