Montana is home to a huge variety of wildlife.  Whether that be deer, elk, wolves, coyotes, bison, any number of different birds, rodents and even bugs.  The state is also home to thousands of pets in countless households, ranches and farms.  While some who perhaps visit the state may consider what they see "exotic", that isn't necessarily what the state considers exotic, especially when it comes to mixing the two of them.

So, About That Bear That You Want To Keep As A Pet

In Montana, the definition of "exotic animal" is identified as any animal that isn't native to the state.  However, there are a couple of exceptions to that rule.  In Montana, there are 3 separate categories, exotic controlled, non-controlled and prohibited.  Believe it or not, yes you really can own a bear.  Or a large cat even!  Talk about a mouser!  There are a plethora of hoops to jump through to own some of these more exotic pets.  Check out the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website for more details if you are interested.

Well, What Can I Have Or Can't I Have For A Pet?

Depending on separate laws within your city limits, which may be more limited than state regulations, always make sure to check before adopting or purchasing a pet.  We've put together a top 10 list for you of what we thought were the most exotic pets you could own and a top 10 list of those that are a no no!  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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20 Exotic Pets You Can & Can't Have In Montana

Lions, tigers and bears oh my! What does Montana consider an exotic animal? Check our gallery for 20 crazy pets you can and can't own in the state.

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