Enter Montana Smith River Float Lottery, And Check Out New Requirements For 2024.

It is that time of year.  People from around that world enter into one of Montana's most cherished and beloved floats down one of Montana's most epic waterways.  The Smith River.  Every January thousands enter into FWP's Smith River lottery and daydream about being one of the lucky lottery winners that are given the privilege to float the Smith River in the upcoming Spring.

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Lottery Entry Details

  • Submit now.  Deadline is February 15th
  • One permit Allows Parties of up to 15 People
  • Entrants Must Be 12 Year of Age at Time of Submission
  • $15 Non Refundable Permit Application Fee For Residents
  • Permit Drawing is February 21st
  • Super Permit Chances are Available thru March 23rd
    • Purchase Permits Here.

2024 Drawing Changes

  • Bonus Points
    • $5 for Residents & $50 Non Residents
      • Bonus Points are an Extra Chance For the Permit Drawing and Accumulate Year after Year if You Are Unsuccessful.  More Details on Bonus Points are Here.
  • This New Law Was Passed as Part of House Bill 846 in the 2023 Legislative Session.
  • 2024 Floating Requirement Changes

    • Floaters Will Need to Bring a Portable Toilet System
      • All Human Waist Must Be Packed Out
    • Portable, Hard-sided Toilets Approved by FWP Are Listed Here
    • A SCAT (Sanitizing Containers with Alternative Technology Has Been Installed at Eden Bridge to Clean & Sanitize Your Portable Toilet System.

    Read About My Smith River Floating Experience Here.

    Photo Credit: Bejay Lindseth
    Photo Credit: Bejay Lindseth

    The Smith River float is truly a once in a lifetime experience.  If you have the opportunity, take it.  Be prepared, but take it.

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