Massive Reward for Details on Poaching in Montana

Montana, the Last Best Place.  It's also one of the last best places that you can find a particular animal.  Unfortunately, it appears that someone out there has decided to thin the herd.  And doubly unfortunate is that animal is on the threatened list in our state also.

Poaching across Montana is a common theme almost year around, but those cases generally involve more plentiful animals such as elk, deer or fish.  Not this time, however.

MWFP Issues Statement, Ups the Reward for Details on Arrest

According to a press release this week from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, an individual has poached a wolverine near Wisdom, Montana.  The release states:

Wardens received a report on Nov. 10 of a wolverine carcass found on U.S. Forest Service Road 7377 near Schultz Saddle and the Continental Divide, northwest of Wisdom. A game warden located the carcass and confirmed the animal had been shot, skinned and abandoned.

Wolverine harvests in Montana are currently suspended, both for trapping and shooting.

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How To Report Poaching or Hunting Violations in Montana

In reporting violations, tipsters are eligible for an up to $1000 reward.  But, since the profile of this particular poaching incident is more, that reward is now up to a whopping $11,000 instead.

If you have information regarding this incident or any hunting type violation, please report it to the MFWP.

MFWP offers up the following to do so:

Anyone with possible information about the illegal harvest is encouraged to visit to provide details or call the FWP violation reporting hot line at 1-800-TIP-MONT. Informants may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

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