Could A Larger Nugget Be Lurking Somewhere in Montana

Gold prospecting in Montana has been big business for pretty much all of our past.  The gold rush bringing miners and more to towns across the state like Virginia City, Bannak or Butte.  I mean, we are the Treasure State after all.


Those treasures range from our state stone the Montana Sapphire, to agates that are plentiful in coulees and stream beds.  It also means gold, of course, and some pretty large nuggets from our mountains.

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Just Out for A Stroll Under the Big Sky of Montana and Bam!

You may assume that the record gold nugget in Montana was found back in the heyday of the business.  That assumption would be wrong in this case, however.  The largest known nugget pulled from Montana was only found in 1989.  Just 35 years ago!

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Hiking in the Highland Mountains near Butte, MT, Murray Mogenson was using a metal detector when it indicated a large mass in the ground.  Upon further inspection, Murray uncovered what would become the largest nugget found in Montana.

Just How Much Is This Large Nugget Worth from Montana?

Since the nugget was found in the Highland Mountains and also the year of the centennial celebration for statehood in Montana, the largest nugget found is aptly named the Highland Centennial Nugget.

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Weighing in at 27.5 troy ounces of pure gold, the nugget would be worth nearly $65,000 with current trends.  The nugget was donated to the Montana Tech Mineral Museum, where it is on display currently.

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