Elegance, Power and Craftsmanship in Great Falls, MT

What makes the exact sound that you know that it is springtime across Montana?  The sound that means, yes, Mother Nature is finally going to let me put the snow shovel away and bring out my lawnmower instead.


Is it the sound of robin, a crisp swing of the bat or the whack of the golf club?  Maybe the sound of a lost calf or your cat wanting out.  Or even the sound of your teeth chattering from the cold.  All signal it.  But there is only one sound that makes it spring for me.

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Elegance, Power and Craftsmanship in Great Falls, MT

I'm a guy, and as such this shouldn't come as a big surprise, albeit maybe you thought it would be something golf-related if you follow my show or writing.  But no, that first sound of spring is a rumble.


That first rumble from the pipes of a finely tuned motor will get me snapping my head around every single time.  You've probably heard them in the last few weeks through your neighborhood.  Now it is time to bring a large group of fantastic ones together under one roof.

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Great Falls Custom Car Show Set to Kick Off the Season

In Great Falls, one man has been leading the way for the kickoff to the car show season.  Mike Storrusten's love of cars is not only personal builds and clients, but passion to bring all builds together for the 31st Annual Great Falls Custom Car Show.

The annual show will be held April 26th and 27th, 2024, at the Exhibition Hall at Montana Expo Park.  To see builds from previous years, click here.  For more details on this year's event, you can check their website or social media.

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