Helping Veterans in Montana One Guitar at a Time

Since the pandemic, a new force has been happening across Montana in the form of a new advocacy program that supports veterans.  Formed in 2023, the Montana Chapter of Guitars for Vets is in full shred mode for 2024.

The Montana chapter was formed by retired service member Robert Kruithoff of Great Falls and is the only chapter within the state at the current time.  The mission of Guitars 4 Vets is easy, dedication to providing relief to struggling veterans through the healing power of music.

The Healing Power of Music and Friendship Through Montana

As more people have become involved, the Montana chapter is filling up classes into the summer for 2024.  Several students are set to be the first to graduate from the course in the next months.

Guitars For Vets/Robert Kruithoff
Guitars For Vets/Robert Kruithoff

Kruithoff stated that the hope is to have 15-20 students through the course for this year.  As endowments have started with sponsors, more guitars will be available through the year for veterans to receive.

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Awarding the Very First Guitar in Montana for the Program

At the end of march, the Montana Chapter of Guitars 4 Vets was able to award its very first guitar to a recipient in Billings.  Chapter President Robert Kruithoff awarded veteran Eric a beautiful acoustic guitar:

Guitars 4 Vets/Robert Kruithoff
Guitars 4 Vets/Robert Kruithoff

To find out more about this new program for veterans across Montana, check the Montana Guitars 4 Vets Facebook page here, or you can access the national Guitars 4 Vets website here for more information.

Montana Veterans Memorial

Montana Veterans Memorial

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