In recent months of this year, Great Falls has seen some incredibly sad moments regarding loss of life.  Crime seems to be running rampant in parts of the Falls, while meth, fentanyl and heroin are all on our streets making things even worse.  Stealing of property, destruction of property, our jails are full, there really seems to be no end to this downward spiral.

Don't Lose Faith, There Are Ways to Help in Our City, With Your Input

Being vigilant in your own area can help with keeping crime at bay from your front door.  Join your local neighborhood watch program, make sure your home is secure with locks for doors and windows, maybe even install a home security system with video capability.  These are important things that go a long way in keeping you and your family safe.  But it also takes a village to help itself.

Your Voice Can Be Heard at Two Town Halls Coming to Great Falls

The public safety levy is on the ballot for this next voting cycle.  To find more, the City of Great Falls and other entities will be holding two town hall meetings to inform and take questions at.  The first of those is being held at the Mansfield Theatre starting at 6pm on Wednesday, June 14th.  Representatives from the local police, fire and city will be on hand for the presentation.  This is a city-wide meeting, with the public encouraged to attend.  There is also no charge to attend either of the meetings.  Find out more online at their Facebook page, located here.

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