Christmas In Montana the Year You Were Born

Oh, Mother Nature, why must you be the way you are in the current stage of the year and during the actual "winter"?  There should be tow ropes, snowboarding and the occasional use of Aleve to relieve the back strain of shoveling the white stuff.


Instead, you have us wearing shorts, flip flops, riding motorcycles and making tee times with buddies.  During December.  During winter.  In Montana.  Strange things are afoot in the Golden Triangle of our state.

How About Those Rose-Colored Glasses I Am Looking Through

Hey, it's been great weather, don't get me wrong.  Not worrying about travel, frozen vehicles, pets getting cold, it has been wonderful.  But snow would be nice for Santa to be able to easily land the sleigh also.


Growing up in the mountains, it seemed like we always had snow, no matter what year.  Some years of course more than others, but always a white Christmas.  Maybe it is selective remembrance that I have?  Is there such a thing?

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What Did Christmas Look Like the Year You Were Born?

Christmas has most certainly changed through the years, not just how the weather outside looks (definitely not frightful, for sure), but how we have celebrated.  Ever wonder what it may have commonly looked like the year you were born?


Let's adjust the rose-colored glasses, sit back and travel through time to take a look at just how Christmas has changed over the years.  Let's also keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature will stop doing Rumpelstiltskin impressions and bring us at least a dusting to awake to on Christmas morning.

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