Over the long Labor Day Weekend, my wife and I loaded up the two dogs and took a trip to Lincoln, Montana, to check out an attraction we'd both driven by numerous times but had never stopped to look at.

The Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Park is located just outside of the town and truly is an awe-inspiring place.

This remarkable park serves as a canvas for sculptors from around the world, who are invited to create awe-inspiring, site-specific works of art that draw upon natural and industrial materials intimately connected with the region's economic and cultural traditions.

A Confluence of Art and History

In 2014, the sculpture park embarked on a journey that transcended borders and united internationally acclaimed artists in a symposium that would forever shape the landscape.

Esteemed artists such as Steven Siegel from the United States, Jorn Ronnau from Denmark, Alan Counihan from Ireland, Jaakko Pernu from Finland, and Kevin O'Dwyer from Ireland converged on the site.

Their mission was to engage with the land, unravel its historical secrets, decode its environmental nuances, and unravel the industrial tapestry woven into the valley's past.

Lincoln's Complex Legacy

Lincoln, Montana, is a small community at the heart of the Blackfoot Valley.

Throughout its history, the community has relied on three pillars - mining, logging, and ranching - to sustain itself economically.

Navigating Change

Over the last quarter-century, the once-dominant logging and mining industries have gradually waned, leaving Lincoln at a crossroads.

At this pivotal moment, the community has turned to contemporary art as a means of creative expression and economic revitalization.

Art as Catalyst

Contemporary art practice has emerged as the chosen path forward for Lincoln.

By embracing artists from diverse corners of the globe, Lincoln has boldly harnessed the power of art to transcend boundaries, preserve its heritage, and propel itself into an inspiring future.

Shaping Tomorrow through Art

As the Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Park continues to evolve, it stands as a living testament to the resilience of communities facing change.

Through the fusion of art and heritage, Lincoln, Montana, exemplifies how embracing the past can illuminate a path toward a vibrant and culturally rich future.

This remarkable sculpture park invites all to witness the beauty of transformation as the Blackfoot Valley etches a new narrative in the pages of history, one sculpture at a time.


Sculpture In The Wild's mission is to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to creating meaningful artworks, whether permanent or temporary. This gallery showcases some of the pieces you'll find along the trail.

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