Is This Popular Cereal A Danger in Montana?

Well that certainly didn't take very long, now did it.  Another food scare has been announced, and it makes me wonder just who is in charge of some of these things around here.  Seriously.

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Various items that are common in our food chain have been recalled in recent memory, including lettuce, cheeses, spices and more.  Now it appears that one of our main staples in the morning is coming under fire as well.

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New Class Action Lawsuit for This Popular Breakfast Cereal

Announced through the website, General Mills is now facing a new class action lawsuit against its product Cheerios.  The new lawsuit alleges that Cheerios contain a dangerous level of a pesticide known as "chlormequat chloride".

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The chemical pesticide, which can be harmful in even small levels to humans, has been shown to be linked to fetal growth issues and nervous system issues, among other adverse effects.  The chemical is used to control plant size by blocking growth hormones.

Which Cereals Should You Check in Your Montana Cupboards?

In the lawsuit, four specific brands were singled out:

  • Cheerios
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Frosted Cheerios
  • Oat Crunch Oats N' Honey Cheerios

As of now, there isn't a recall being issued for these products.  The current lawsuit against General Mills and the Cheerios brand only covers the state of California, where the original suit was first presented.

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