Product Recall for Hazardous Pieces in Montana Refrigerators

Even if you don't stand on the edge of the technology fence in today's world, you are affected by it in some way.

It may even make its way into your everyday items that you wouldn't think would have a technological brain hidden somewhere in the gears, electronics and hardware packed into certain common items.  You know, like an appliance.  Specifically, your refrigerator.

Major Retailers in Montana Issue Recall for Frigidaire Refrigerators

It used to be an appliance would last for a while.  Not so much anymore.  Most are done after a 7–10-year period.  We just replaced our major appliances within the last 5 years after being in our home for many years.  One of those upgrades was the refrigerator, and it appears that it is on a short list of recalls.

Major retail outlets Lowe's and Home Depot both offered these particular Frigidaire refrigerator models in years 2015-2019 across the US, Montana included.  After a quick check with the website, I realized I had one of the effected models.

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Good Thing It Is Montana, We Can Find Ice Anywhere Around Here

In the announcement by the parent company Electrolux:

The reason for the recall is a safety issue with a component of the refrigerator ice bucket assembly that can break resulting in plastic pieces entering the ice bucket, posing a potential health hazard to consumers if the pieces are dispensed.

Over 380,000 units are said to be affected by the voluntary recall.  You can access the website above to check your refrigerator, or you can use the following:

Electrolux will replace your ice bucket free of charge to you.

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