How To Get Your CDL Made Easy with Great Falls College

Growing up in a small, rural town in Montana, we traveled gravel roads daily.  Going to school was a 40-mile round trip each day of the week.  By graduation, many youths have major windshield time under their belts.

I loved driving those roads then, and I still enjoy hitting the roadways of our state for trips with my family.  But have you considered doing it for a living under the Big Sky of Montana?  How do you go about it?

An All New CDL Program Being Offered in Great Falls, Montana

So, you want to be an over the road driver?  Besides technical ability, you will also need a special endorsement on your license that says you can operate that big rig on the roads.  A commercial driver's license is required, but how do you get one?

Starting March 4, 2024, the Great Falls College MSU will offer a program to do just that.  Get you your CDL license and get you out on the road.

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Class A License and Job Placement in Great Falls and Beyond

To obtain a class A license, a class certificate is required in the state of Montana.  Now the Great Falls College MSU offers a commercial driver's license program and help with finding a job.

The program includes online modules and in class participation.  Persons interested must be 18 years of age, possess a valid State Driver’s License, and pass a DOT physical.  Information sessions are held at 5:30 pm in Room G45/46 at Great Falls College MSU.  You will learn about program details, application requirements, class schedules, and funding opportunities.  Or you can email here for more information.

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