Hopefully it never happens to you.  But the more you are on the road the more likely it will happen to you.  Especially on the roads of Montana, whether that be gravel, highway or interstate. One only has to check the ditches or barrow pits to see roadkill of various carcasses that have been pummeled by some unsuspecting driver and their front bumper.  Have you ever considered taking home that roadkill for a meal?  Can you even do that in Montana?

Learning The Law Regarding Roadkill in Montana with the FWP & MHP

In 2013, Montana passed the Roadkill law allowing people to actually take home an animal that has been hit.  The animals included in the legislature's bill allowed for deer, elk, moose and antelope.  However, there are a few stipulations that go with retrieving the vehicle killed animal.  According to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, here are a few tips when it comes to roadkill:

  • A person may pick up an animal that they did not hit.  The process still remains the same.
  • If you receive a permit and are retrieving it, you must take the entire animal with you.  You cannot leave parts behind or field dress it in the barrow pit.

So, You've Hit the Animal, Now What?  Where To Find Your Permit

To obtain a roadkill permit, there are two separate ways to get one.  If you have reported the accident and are still on the scene with a patrol person, you can ask them to issue you one on the spot.  If you have already taken the kill, or there isn't a report, you can head here to submit your application for one.  They are free from the Fish, Wildlife & Parks department website.

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