Major big box stores and retail chains are adding curbside pickup spots to their parking lots at an alarming rate.

Obviously, COVID was the start of this when conducting business face-to-face wasn't a doable thing.

Adding to the issue is out-of-control inflation, which has made it more challenging to pay employees, not to mention the difficulties of finding employees.

Adapt or Die

I understand businesses must be strategic and adapt to the changing times to stay competitive and maintain a profit margin, but at what point does the new wave of shopping become standoffish?

Honestly, this thought had never crossed my mind until I ran to Target after work the other day to grab a few things.

I rolled into the parking lot, and there they were, sign after sign after sign, highlighting curbside pickup spots.

That's When I Thought

Do they even want customers in their store anymore?

I mean, clearly, they've funneled thousands of dollars into curbside pickup, aka ways to keep me out of the store; what have they done recently to try and get me into the store?

In my mind, this move comes across as standoffish, impersonal, and unwelcoming.

I'm a bit old school and should probably stay up with the times, but I can't be the only one who feels weird about how disconnected the shopping experience has become.

I suppose this is all the more reason to shop local and support the folks with the guts to do business the original way!

Shop Local and Support Local!

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