Montana's thriving craft beer scene is about to receive the recognition it deserves with the inaugural Montana Beer Awards!

This event marks the state's first-ever commercial, state-wide beer competition, bringing together breweries from all corners of Montana to showcase their finest creations.

Craft beer enthusiasts, get ready to indulge in Montana-made brews, mingle with brewers, and groove to the tunes of local musical guests, Ten Years Gone, a versatile Helena band catering to diverse tastes and genres.


A Toast to the Participants

  • 2 Basset Brewery
  • Aprés Brewing
  • Backslope Brewing
  • Bar 3 Brewing
  • Bayern Brewing
  • Bias Brewing
  • Big Sky Brewing Company
  • Billings Brewing Company
  • Bitter Root Brewing
  • Blackfoot River Brewing Company
  • Blacksmith Brewing Company
  • Bozeman Brewing Company
  • Branding Iron Brewing Co.
  • Bridger Brewing
  • Bunkhouse Brewery
  • Burnt Tree Brewing
  • Butte Brewing Company
  • Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company
  • Conflux
  • Copper Furrow Brewing
  • Cranky Sam Brewing
  • Crazy Peak Brewing Company
  • Draught Works Brewery
  • Flathead Lake Brewing Company
  • Gally’s Brewing Company
  • GILD Brewing
  • Highlander Beer
  • Imagine Nation Brewing Co.
  • Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co.
  • Katabatic Brewing Co.
  • KettleHouse Brewery
  • Lewis and Clark Brewing
  • Madison River Brewing Company
  • MAP Brewing
  • Mighty Mo Brewing Co.
  • Missouri River Brewing Company
  • Montana Brewing Company
  • Mountains Walking Brewery
  • Neptune’s Brewery
  • OddPitch Brewing
  • Old Bull Brewing
  • Otium Brewing
  • Outlaw Brewing
  • Patriotic American Brewery
  • Philipsburg Brewing Company
  • Pleasant Prairie Brewing
  • Ronan Cooperative Brewery
  • Sacred Waters Brewing Company
  • Sawdust and Steel
  • Smelter City Brewing
  • Tamarack Brewing Company
  • Ten Mile Creek Brewery
  • Thirsty Street Brewing Co.
  • Triple Dog Brewing
  • Wildwood Brewery

Event Schedule

  • February 22 – 24: Judging takes place
  • February 24: Awards ceremony and celebration at Lewis & Clark Brewing Co., Helena, MT!

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