Motorcycle Riding Across Montana Can Be Incredibly Exhilarating

Recreation, especially summer recreation in Montana is pretty limited.  On average, you might have 90 days to fulfill your sunshine quests.  A great way to take advantage of those Big Sky summer days is on the back of a motorcycle.


After experiencing Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, a good portion of Montana and Idaho, I can honestly say it is one of the most exciting ways to see the countryside.  But, before you head out and buy that new Harley Davidson, there are a few tips you should have before hitting the highway.

We Probably All Know the Basics, Right Montana Riders?

Even before you go "kickstands up", there are a few basic tips that you probably are already aware of for safety:

  • Take a riding/safety course
  • Always wear proper gear and a helmet
  • Never ride beyond your limit
  • Always assume that nobody sees you
  • Don't ride after dark

The basics.  These should already be in your mind before swinging a leg over the iron steed in the garage.  They're even pertinent after you have been riding for any length of time.

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My Advice for New Motorcycle Riders This Summer in Montana

I don't have thousands upon thousands of miles on two wheels.  But after learning how to ride from an excellent teacher, and the few years that I did ride, there are two major ones that I can pass along to new riders out there.

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Be a mechanic.  Even if you aren't great at it.  Learn your motorcycle.  Because whether you built, bought or borrowed, it will break down at the worst time on you eventually.  Best to know something about your ride to not be stranded.


The second, and I can't stress this one enough.  Decide what kind of motorcycle you are going to ride.  Sport or street?  They are two absolutely different ride styles and techniques.  I learned the hard way.  I don't recommend it.

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