Good fences make even better neighbors.  While that might work in some instances, more often than not it really isn't the way to welcome in new or existing neighbors to the area, or introduce yourself to the neighborhood you just moved your family into.  When it comes to being a good neighbor, there are certain things you can do.  Shoveling a walk in the wintertime for them, mowing their lawn while they are on vacation.  Or even taking care of pets for them while they are away.

We Know How to Be a Good Neighbor, But What Makes a Bad Neighbor?

Full disclosure on this article from the writer.  I was a terrible neighbor in my younger days.  I fully admit to being guilty of each and every one of these 10 things that make a poor neighbor.  Cranking music with huge parties during the weekdays in my apartment.  At one point we owned 7 vehicles with only 2 of them being driven or even able to drive.  Broken windows, falling gutters, I have done it all.

Moving Forward and Creating a Better Neighborhood for Everyone

I am really not sure when my thought process changed, but in more recent times I have tried to strive to be a better person and a much better neighbor.  Keeping our lawn mown and trees trimmed, making sure our home looks presentable to not only our neighbors, but also to anyone that may drive by or consider moving into our area of Great Falls.

What about you?  Do you have a neighbor that just won't see the benefit of having a nice area and bettering our town?  Let us know in the comments, with our appchat feature on the downloadable app, or email me here.

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