A Look At Western Art Week In Great Falls Montana

Great Falls, Montana, isn't just a scenic town in the American West; it's also a hub for Western art events.

Amid its rugged beauty, Great Falls hosts numerous events celebrating Western culture and becomes the Western Art Capital of the World for one week in March.

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Western Art Week: A Celebration of Heritage

Every year, Great Falls honors Western art icon Charlie Russell's birthday with Western Art Week.  Russell was born on March 19th, 1864.

This year Western Art Week is March 13th-17th.

It showcases his legacy and the vibrant artistic community he inspired in Great Falls and around the world.

A Showcase of Talent

Fifteen shows across the city feature more than 700 artists, displaying diverse works from paintings to sculptures, photography, furniture, jewelry, and more.

It's a platform for both established and emerging talents.

While some may associate Western art with cowboys and landscapes, the work found at Western Art Week includes so much more.

The majority of shows and events are free to the public.

People are encouraged to interact with artists and ask questions about their work.

A Global Gathering of Art Lovers

Art enthusiasts worldwide converge in Great Falls for Western Art Week, enjoying exhibitions across galleries, museums, and venues.

It's a cultural melting pot celebrating the beauty and heritage of the American West.

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The Spirit of Charlie Russell

Russell's influence pervades the event, inspiring artists to capture the essence of the West.

His timeless portrayals of cowboy life continue to inspire creativity and passion.

A Giant Celebration

Western Art Week is a massive celebration of Western culture, uniting people to revel in the region's beauty, history, and spirit.

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A Glimpse Of Westen Art Week In Great Falls

A look at a few of the Western Art Week displays from years past

Gallery Credit: Great Falls Montana Tourism


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Gallery Credit: Shannon Newth

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ArtsFest MONTANA 2022 Murals in Downtown Great Falls

Gallery Credit: Great Falls Montana Tourism

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