Will Salaries for Students Happen in Montana Schools?

In colleges across the country, student athletes are taking advantage of rules and regulations put in place in 2021 that allows them to earn money from their name, image or likeness.  Commonly called NIL, the monies that are generated for those students is immense.  Some athletes are bringing in 6-figure incomes from those endorsements.

While not trying to diminish those efforts of those students and athletes to earn money, it seems that there may be a secondary effect of those rules, and it is trickling into primary education centers.  One state's legislature is even considering making it a law.

Pilot Program to Pay Students to Attend School

Recently the Ohio Legislature proposed just that, paying students to attend school in that state.  Legislators have suggested a pilot program to pay kindergarten and 9th graders to be in school.  Payments would include $50 a month for just showing up each day.

Students would also have the opportunity to earn $250 upon graduation, plus incentives for parents to help with keeping their child or children in school.  Total monies proposed include $250,000 for 2024 and $500,000 in 2025.  Not really chump change when you think about it.

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Finding The Benefits of Paying Students to Go to School

Student numbers across America and in Montana are always fluctuating, but one consistently glaring number is that of attendance.  In Montana school year 2023, over 150,000 students were enrolled.  Would paying students in our schools help with those numbers?

How would you feel having your taxes pay for a student to go to public school?  Would you be for or against it in our state?

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