Will Montana Workers Call in Sick on Big Game Monday?

As most of you know, there is a little event happening this weekend across the world.  A clash of two teams to decide who will be the champions of the gridiron.  The big game happens Sunday, and spirits and food will be abundant.

Some of those same people that will be enjoying the game and those drinks and delicacies, won't be greeting you from their place of business on Monday.  How much of Montana will see employers wondering who will call in sick after that big game?

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16 million Is a Lot - There Must Be A Few Montana's Calling in Also

According to data released by Business Wire, about 16 million employees across the US will be expected to call in sick and miss work on the Monday following the big game.  A huge number, but not as large as 2023.  Over 18.8 million called in last year!

The epidemic is so large for that day, there have been several petitioners over the years to make it an official holiday in America.  So far though, legislators and representatives have yet to present anything to Congress.  In fact, 37% percent of Americans believe that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

What is Your Best Montana Made Excuse to Miss Work?

As for statistics in America, employees put sick days aside just for this day.

  • 28% of employees say they are less productive on the day after the big game
  • Over 6 million plan to call in sick or just not even show to work
  • 10 million employees have already requested that day off

What are your plans on Monday?  Trudge through it like a champ or lay on the couch and drink lots of fluids?  What is your best excuse to get out of work?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, through our app chat feature or you can email your reply here.

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