Five Favorite Pizza Flavors in Great Falls for The Big Game

As the big game comes our way this weekend in the form of football action between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49'ers, food will be a hot topic amongst many of us.

What are your plans for serving delectables for the day?  Will be it potluck, a specific theme maybe?  Many across the city, state and America will be enjoying a big slice of goodness in pizza.  But what toppings?

Almost 3 in 4 Homes Across Montana Will Enjoy Some Sort of Pie

In a new survey from the HungerRush group, data revealed that 72% of people are planning to order pizza for the big game.  That is a very large chunk of the pie that are in turn ordering pies to devour.

Overall, even with almost 3 in 4 homes ordering it, it still isn't the top thing that people are going for.  That is reserved for chips at 55% of the best game time party foods.

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Great Falls Is Fortunate, We Have Several Excellent Places for Pizza

Even if you are new to the Electric City, you have an idea where to get your pizza from.  Just ask a local and you'll hear familiar names like:

  • Stageline Pizza
  • Howard's Pizza
  • Fire Pizza
  • MacKenzie River Pizza
  • Papa Murphy's
  • Godfather's Pizza
  • Dominoes
  • Pizza Hut
  • Papa Johns

The choices can become endless for a great meal in Great Falls.  But which are the best?  We put our tastebuds to the test just for you and have come up with 5 favorites that might fit the bill for the big game this weekend.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy pizza?  What makes or breaks it for you for toppings?  Let me know on our social media comments, with the app chat feature or you can email your choices here.

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