Will Dancing in the Aisle Be Tolerated in Montana?

Unless you have been under a really, really big rock over the last couple of months, I'm sure you have heard the name Taylor Swift.  She currently is one of, if not the hottest artist on the planet.  Whether it is music, movies or football, Taylor has invaded our everyday lives.

And yes, it's creating some havoc for those that want to enjoy a movie at our local theaters.

What Is with All the Hubbub Regarding This Movie in Theaters?

As the "Eras Tour" movie starts to invade movie theaters across the nation and Montana, it has sparked a heated debate about how movie-goers should be acting while attending the movie.  Many fans are taking it upon themselves to treat the movie as one big concert.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

Many fans, some of them "Swifties", are upset that people are taking to the aisles to sing and dance during the movie.

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How Theaters Are Handling This Sticky Situation

In some areas, fans have been kicked out of the theaters for doing just that.  Singing and dancing during the movie.  However, there is a wrinkle in the whole scenario.  Taylor Swift herself has encouraged fans to sing and dance during it.  Even other are arguing that it really is supposed to be an interactive experience.

What say you?  Should people be allowed to get out of their comfy chair and start singing at the top of their lungs?  We want to hear your opinion, just hit us up in the social media comments, use our app chat feature or you can email me directly here.

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