The potato has to be one of the most versatile food items in the world.  With so many different ways to prepare them, serve them or even drink them, the potato is a mainstay of almost every single meal in the day.

It is so popular there is even a day to celebrate one of those amazing things that potatoes do.  French fries.

Surveys Abound Regarding the Best, So Who Has the Lead?

In a recent survey by Foodbeast, these are the top 5 fast food French fries:

  1. McDonald's classic French fries
  2. Chick-fil-A's waffle fries
  3. Arby's curly fries
  4. Shake Shack crinkle-cut fries
  5. Wendy's natural-cut fries

While we don't have 2 of those to draw a conclusion from in Great Falls, I would agree when it comes to fast food franchises, McDonald's and Wendy's fries are decent and probably belong on the list for national chains.

What Did Our Survey in Great Falls Say About the Best French Fries?

According to our totally un-scientific poll on our social pages, Great Falls has a ton of great places to grab a great plate of fries.  Especially if you like them with a little extra on top.  Several places in Great Falls including Enbar, Tracy's, The Roadhouse Diner and Street Burgers all offer extra toppings for the spuds.

Here are the top 5 places to grab the best fries in Great Falls.  Get out and enjoy these this weekend!  Happy National French Fry Day everyone!

  1. Five Guys
  2. Roadhouse Diner
  3. Street Burgers
  4. Howards Pizza
  5. Wendy's

We should also include some of the other businesses also for their name mentions and great French fries.  Nominations and comments included:

Have other ideas on the best fries in Great Falls?  You can email me here.

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