Where Is the Best Laundromat in Great Falls Located?

Bearings, seals and elements are all the bane of this super important appliance in your home.  Once one of those fails, you realize just how much you rely on this piece of equipment in your day-to-day life.  The washing machine and your dryer.


When they do go to the big appliance graveyard, what can you do in the meantime?  Especially if you aren't immediately able to replace it?  The next best thing will be a laundromat.

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Several Locations Dot Great Falls, Where Should You Head To?

Location, location, location.  Depending on where you reside within the city, convenience is always a consideration.  Great Falls offers several, all with decent locations to serve areas.  Although is one better than the other and worth a little extra travel time?


Perusing social media, a recent post at the "Ask Great Falls Montana" Facebook page caught my eye regarding just that.  Where is the best place in Great Falls to take my laundry?

Commentors Had a Resounding Number One in Great Falls

In Great Falls, residents have 4 different laundromat choices in 5 locations:

  • Northside Laundry - 614 26th Street North
  • Falls Cleaners & Laundry - 614 9th Street South
  • 10th Avenue Laundry - 1922 10th Avenue South
  • National Laundry Company - 700 Crescent Circle
  • National Laundry Dry Cleaning - 4309 10th Avenue South

Of those, commentors had a definitive answer.  Everyone agreed that Falls Cleaners and Laundry was the best to take your unders and outers to.  You may want to make a little extra time however, as the post indicated it could be rather busy at times and may take longer than you plan.  You can read the full post on Facebook here.

Which laundromat do you frequent when needed?  Do you have a favorite that has the best machines in town?  Dries the best?  Can fit the biggest load?  Let us know via our socials, the app chat feature or you can email here.

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