Where Did You Find Your Unique Montana Witch Stone?

Recently, a friend happened to be visiting our home in Great Falls.  Amongst the multitude of what I lovingly refer to my wife as the "dust collectible collection", the friend commented about a certain rock that was on a shelf.  They even referred to it specifically as a "witch's stone" and just exactly how unique it was.

Spoiler alert.  I had no clue what they were talking about.  Would you have known what they meant by a "witch stone"

How, Being A Lifelong Montana, Didn't I Know This?  Again!

Witch stones are a thing.  And they aren't limited to just Montana.  They are everywhere across the world.  Some cultures even believe in the different magical powers of these stones.  For instance, in Italy, they are considered talismans that will ward off evil near farms and livestock, even help with nightmares or induce sleep.


Most of these stones are found near bodies of water, either oceans, lakes, rivers, or streams.

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More Lore Involving The Witch Stone - By Another Name

In some circles, the stones have been referred to as "Hag Stones", rather than witch stones.  While the name may conjure a darker image, the stones themselves, regardless of culture, all view them as being almost divine, a gift from nature to be treasured.

One of the more interesting stories that accompany the lore surrounding the stones involves another, completely different world from our own.  That of fairies, gnomes, or creatures of the night.  The catch?  It can only be viewed through one of the natural holes, and it can only be viewed by that of the finder of the stone.


So, the next time you are wandering the banks of your favorite body of water, take the time to see if you can find one of these unique rocks.  You may just be able to find Peter and the crew hanging out.

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