Renowned worldwide for its unparalleled beauty and exclusivity, this gemstone is the only North American gem to grace the British Crown Jewels!

Let that sink in for a minute. 


Where To Find Yogo Sapphire

Originating solely from the Yogo Gulch area within Judith Basin County, Montana, Yogo sapphires are a variant of corundum, a precious gemstone.

Long before the notion of mining these Montana sapphires arose, this region was home to the Blackfeet Indians, who cherished this land rich in gemstones.

Yogo Sapphire Mining Efforts

However, extracting Yogo sapphires has been daunting due to their unique occurrence within a vertical dike.

Mining efforts have faced sporadic success and profitability challenges, leading to intermittent operations.

The recent closure of the Yogo mine, attributed to the unfortunate passing of Mike Roberts, brought access to these coveted gems to halt.

Fortunately, the reopening of the Vortex mine offers renewed opportunities for enthusiasts and connoisseurs to revel in the brilliance of Yogo sapphires.

Despite decades of mining and the export of countless Yogo sapphires to Europe, astonishingly, an estimated 28 million carats of Yogos still lie untouched in the ground, awaiting discovery.

In a nod to its significance, the sapphire, alongside the agate, was designated as Montana's state gemstone in 1969, underscoring its cultural and historical importance to the region.

Moreover, these exceptional gemstones have found their way into the prestigious collections of renowned institutions like the Smithsonian, with specimens such as a Yogo sapphire exceeding 10 carats as testaments to their rarity and allure.

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