Warning!  Cuteness Overload Incoming - Check JD's New Puppy

It's become a tradition in our family that when away from home, always scan the destination parking lot for any coin that may be on the ground as you go inside or come out of the building.

It would mean that a passed loved one was watching you that day, and approved of whatever you may be doing at that given time.


Now, I know what you're thinking, "what does a weird family tradition have to do with a new puppy and where are my pictures of cuteness?"  Alright then, let's get on to that porch with the big dogs.

I Sure Hope the Four-Wheel Drive Works in These Montana Outdoors

In the latter part of last year, we had to say goodbye to a longtime family pet, and my wife and I have been missing some of the aspects of a smaller dog.  Our other two are both near 95 pounds each, not exactly the best lapdog or bed buddy if you want to sleep comfortably.  My wife's father and stepmother knew we were missing that piece/peace in our home.

Imagine our surprise when they called and said we should stop out for a visit, as we had just spent several days vacationing together.  Upon arrival not only did they greet us, but this was waiting for us also:


I told you there would be cuteness overload.  I am pretty firm in believing the above picture qualifies.

Now, as to the four-wheel drive.  This breed isn't known for having a really great clearance capacity for snow, mud or water.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy Energy Is Amazing

Once home, this little girl has two speeds.  Absolutely as fast as the little legs under her will go.  Once they haven't the energy to propel those ears through the air anymore, it's a crash into whatever that happens to be in front and under her.


See what I mean?  Crash anywhere when the gas runs out.

A Family Tradition Confirms the Decision Was the Right One

About that tradition and what it has to do with the new puppy in our home?  After picking our new addition up, my wife returned to work with all the essentials a puppy would need.  In time, it was bathroom break time.


Heading out into a grassy area and waiting for what puppies should be doing outside, my wife's eyes glanced to the ground.  Yep, there it was.  A shiny dime stating that a patriarch of the family approved and was keeping any eye out.

Weird how those things work out, isn't it?

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