This weekend, many families will be gathering for a time honored tradition.  Gathering for wonderful food, gathering for fellowship and friendship, and of course, gathering for gift giving and receiving.  But, your significant other's mother just called to let you know that their favorite uncle will be joining you this year.  It's completely out of the blue and yes, you need a gift for them.

It never fails.  There is always a last minute gift that must magically appear from nowhere that fits, in a myriad of ways, for that person.  While it can be a small headache, there are some easy ways around it if you put the slippers and housecoat on and start digging in the cabinets or drawers for a re-gift item.

You've received them.  You've never used them.  Probably even in a box or container in your basement with the Christmas decorations.  Perhaps you meant to use it, put it in a drawer and now have two of them.  Think the re-gift!  There is even a snazzy way to make sure that everyone gets what they think they want!  A new survey by the website says that 60% of people feel that re-gifting is acceptable.  They even have a snazzy "Secret Santa Gift Generator" that can help you get the perfect re-gift!

With our gallery of the top 10 most re-gifted items, you won't need to leave the comfort of those chestnuts roasting on the open fire.  Just dive in and start looking in those "special spots" that you love to hide gifts in, there is sure to be something found!

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The Top Ten Most Re-gifted Items

Top 10's galore for the holidays! This time, we check the best items to re-gift in our gallery.

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