True crime stories have always intrigued me.  Especially when it goes unsolved or takes an overtly long time to solve.  Reading these stories has always been a favorite pastime of mine.

This unsolved crime hits a little closer to home, however.

The unsolved murder of Michael Leealan Evans.

Looking Back on February 14, 2022, For This Tragedy

As most were probably planning a Valentine's Day dinner on that date, the Cascade County Sheriff's Office was releasing the following statement:

On 2/14/22 at 1720 hours, Deputies responded to 8535 US HWY 89 (the old Bar S), just east of Great Falls, MT, for a report of a deceased male.  Upon further investigation, we discovered that the male is Michael Leealan Evans (40 years of Age), of Great Falls, MT.  Deputies are on scene investigating the incident.  Michael’s death is considered suspicious and there will be an autopsy on Thursday in Missoula at the Montana State Crime lab.

After the autopsy, it was determined that this incident would be considered a homicide.  At the time, the Sheriff's Office released a statement saying that although no arrests have been made, they believed it to be an "isolated incident" and that they didn't believe there was a danger to the public.

Where Does This Investigation Stand as of Today?

I believe in our law enforcement.  Whether it be the Great Falls Police Department, the Sheriff's Office or the Montana Highway Patrol.  Unenviable jobs for sure.  What happens behind the scenes in an investigation can take time, effort and probably lots of red tape.  In no way am I "taking to task" our law enforcement agencies.

That being said, I wonder why we haven't seen any type of update regarding this unsolved case in our county.  The last bit of information I could glean from the internet was that of a report in March of 2023, with the Sheriff's Office stating:

The Cascade County Sheriff's Office is still investigating this homicide and say investigations like this take time.

I get that.  But it doesn't help the families or friends of the deceased process their grief.  The air of not knowing anything seems more detrimental than that of any type of release.

I hope that something breaks for this case soon.  If you have a tip on this case or any crime, please contact the Crimestoppers Tip Line.

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