Unique Proclamation Coming to Great Falls Schools in February

The importance of a good education is something that is vital to each person as they make their way through the hallways of elementary, middle and high school, even on to college years.  Fortunately, Great Falls Public Schools offer that to our students each and every day of each school year.

In 2024, education gets another bump in the form of a proclamation from our mayor and the school district; the month of February has been declared Career and Technical Education Month across our city, the state and the entire country.

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Preparing The Youth of Today for Tomorrow and Beyond

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in Great Falls Public Schools provide students with opportunities to gain invaluable hands-on experience through apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing, and cooperative education programs.

CTE programs have been shown to help those students that are graduating by preparing them for life after high school.  Opportunities are available to earn advanced diplomas, explore individual career options and even receive college credits while participating.

CTE Programs Offered in the Great Falls Public Schools

With research showing that many of the hottest jobs in the country require some form of CTE, Great Falls Public Schools are excited to bring more awareness to the programs that are offered.  GFPS offers the following CTE based education programs:

  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Agriculture
  • Trades and Industries
  • Business and Health Sciences

As part of the proclamation for February 1-29, Mayor Cory Reeves stated:

I urge all residents to join together in celebrating and emphasizing the role of CTE programs in the future career success of students and its importance to their academic achievement.

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