Food in the bedroom.  When I started to ask around the office and a few friends about this subject, it was incredible how people would react to this simple question.  I couldn't find anyone that was on the fence about this.  It was cut and dry, you either like, or you can't even imagine someone doing this in the bedroom.

We aren't talking about just a breakfast in bed here either.  According to a survey by the bakery brand St. Pierre, people have some pretty strong feelings about what foods should make it through the kitchen and dining room and up to the bedroom.  What about how often this should be happening?  Is it an every night thing?  Just on the weekend?  Just on holidays?  All of these seem to be defining factors for survey takers when it comes to what you can get away with.

So what made it up to the bedroom?  You might be shocked at what people think are good or bad in the bed!  As we check out our list and gallery, make sure you like, share and comment on our socials, grab the app below to comment, or just email me here!  Happy food fun in the bedroom everyone!

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Eating Food In Bed - The Top 10 Good And Bad Meals To Enjoy Or Not!

Do you eat while lying in bed? How does your significant other feel about it? Allowed or not allowed? Check out our top 10 lists for both sides of the argument.

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