These Montana Children Are Missing - Have You Seen Them?

Over the past several years there has been an increased look under the microscope of missing people across Montana.  Especially with indigenous people.  And even more so, for teenagers.

In statistics from the Montana Department of Justice (MDOJ), nearly 81% of individuals who went missing between 2017 and 2019 were under the age of 18.  The good news of that is overall, there was a 97.7% recovery rate for individuals who went missing.

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Montana Missing Person Database Helping Find Those Missing

In 2021, Attorney General Austin Knudsen established an enhanced online Montana Missing Person Database to help law enforcement and the public to aid in finding missing Montana individuals.

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The MDOJ also operates the Montana Missing Persons Clearing House, which operates closely with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  The MDOJ also works with other state clearing houses to aid in locating children who have been unlawfully taken out of Montana or brought into Montana.

Montana Department of Justice Committed to Finding and Bringing Home

While data for the last two years is still being compiled for another analysis by the state, in October of 2021 there were over 200 missing individuals in Montana.  Of those, over 80 were children.

If you have any information on a missing person listed in the Montana Missing Persons Clearing House or in the Montana Missing Person Database, use the following to offer your tips:

  • Phone: (406) 444-1526
  • Email to:
  • If you cannot reach the Clearinghouse or need guidance on reporting a person as missing, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Additionally, you can find downloadable and printable forms regarding missing individuals in Montana here.

These 25 Children Are Missing in March in Montana

These children have been reported missing across the state of Montana for March 2024. If you have seen any individual shown, please contact the Missing Persons Division at the Montana Department of Justice here, or you can contact your local law enforcement agency.

Gallery Credit: JD Knight

Idaho Missing Children

Missing posters for the kids that went missing in 2023 and are still missing according to the Idaho State Police website. Some kids don't have photos on their posters. You can see the full list on the Idaho Missing Persons page.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Missing Persons in Washington State

The gallery of persons currently listed as missing on the MUPU list in Washington State. Each picture contains the missing person's name, when they went missing, and which law enforcement agency to contact if you know something that could help.

Gallery Credit: Brian Stephenson

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