We all have that story here in Montana. The record breaker that spits the hook right at the surface of the water revealing what had to have been a record breaker for sure.

No matter what you fish for or how you fish anglers are pretty completive. We all want to say that we caught the biggest one of all. And maybe, just maybe one or two of those "one that got away" stories might actually be true.

As summer continues and those fish stories keep coming in, I thought I would freshen' everyone's memory on the true, documented, record breaking catches across the State.

The picture above is my record-breaking brown trout I caught last year on the Missouri River right below where the Dearborn River dumps in. Oops, sorry. Another one of those "whopper of a story" and that is exactly how rumors get started!

Most recently on July 3rd Samual Grisak caught a record-breaking Golden Shiner out of Giant Springs Pond here in Great Falls. Golden Shiners are a small fish, thin with a deep body, but a record breaker is a record breaker! Samual's Golden Shiner was 4.41 inches long and .03 lbs.

There have been 5 record catches so far in 2022. 2021 was a year of record breakers as well. For FWP's current record-breaking catches across the State, click here.

Goodluck fellow anglers! Let's keep breaking those records and stay out of my fishing hole!  Just in case you do catch that record breaker, click here!

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