Stress is nothing new in our times.  There has always been something to fret and worry about regardless of the date or year on the calendar.  Oftentimes, that stress can manufacture itself in several different ways.  Perhaps a bill that is lingering, deciding what to cook for dinner every single night of every day, or the car just broke down and you have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it or afford to fix it.

Weighing In with What Polls Indicate We Are Most Stressed About

While I am not willing to put a ton of credence into a poll from Philadelphia Cream Cheese, these are the folks that say these are the ten big things that people have, are having or will have in their lives.  These really do go beyond what perhaps the normal day of life will throw at you.  I mean, it's not everday that you propose, get married, go through a divorce or simply fall down in the public eye.

Counting Them Down a Seeing Which Are the Most Stressful in Today's Times

Stress can come in all forms.  We've established that.  But what really are the most stressful?  According to the survey, most of the normal things that you would think are in this list.  Marriage, buying a home and more.  But there were some odd style stress triggers that had me scratching my head.  Do you feel the stress?  Let us know in the comments on our socials, use the appchat feature with our downloadable app below or email here.

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