The Best of The Best - Getting Sushi in Montana

It's time for another confession.  If you would have told 17-year-old me, riding a horse, rounding up cattle in the Highwood Mountains that many years later I would enjoy raw meat wrapped in rice or kelp, well, it probably would have resulted in a bull whip somewhere near your rear end.

However, as I have aged and attempted other dishes besides beef cooked medium rare with a side of the biggest potato you can find, my taste buds have taken a liking to this delicacy named sushi.

Where To Go in Montana to Find the Best of The Best in Sushi

In a new online article from 24/7 Tempo, those of us not in Bobcat country will have to make a little bit of a drive to try what they say is the best in the state.  Heading south in our state is your destination, pointing the vehicle towards Bozeman to enjoy the fanciful makings at Dave's Sushi.

Since I am sort of new to this sushi thing, I was a little surprised at the features from this restaurant.  I have always related this food type with the Orient, not somewhere in the states.  But Dave's Sushi isn't among the norm, which you would expect from any Montana based eatery.

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Settle In and Be Ready to Enjoy the John Wayne of Sushi Rolls

Dave's is unique in this endeavor by offering a more Hawaiin flavor for their rolls.  The business even says that they were inspired by the hang loose lifestyle of Hawaii.  Featuring ahi, escolar and king salmon, you will find all sorts of flavors to enjoy.  You can even have a little bit of Montana homemade goodness in one of the signature rolls.

Check out the "John Wayne" when you visit.  Loaded with tempura shrimp, crab, cucumber, carrot, and topped with seared rare beef tenderloin, avocado, shallots and cilantro.  Wow!

Is this the best place to get sushi in Montana?  Have a better spot in mind?  We would love to hear from you.  Comment on our social media, use our appchat feature or you can email us here with your thoughts.

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