I typically don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but after watching a late night crime detective show I got to thinking. Should I be taking my hair home after having it cut at the barber?  According to the Crime Museum, hair can be used to determine many things and when hair is found at a crime scene, it can be used to link the crime to a suspect.  Now obviously, I would believe that it would take more than just my hair at a crime scene to convict me.  There would need to be other evidence of what was allegedly done. But, on the other hand, why risk it?

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For those that know me, you realize that the picture above can’t possibly be my hair, since I don’t have that much hair.  You are correct, it is a combination of my sons and mine after we got our monthly haircuts by Emily at Weston Avenue Color Studio on Sunday.  I asked Emily what she thought of the topic, and she agreed it is possible to create challenges with the discarded hair.

One thing to be aware of when it comes to hair, the root is needed to test DNA from the hair.  But other things can be tested from hair that might make your eyebrows go up.  Various drugs that you have used might be detected.  Some drugs will stay in your hair follicles for up to 90 days. Tested Hair follicles sample can group the donor into three different groups, European, Asian or African ancestry.  They can also compare hair samples that are in several locations to determine where the victim, or alleged perpetrator has been.

I am not sure why this strange topic came to mind, but thanks for sticking with me on it! I am not too worried, since I don’t go around committing crimes.  But if you do, maybe you should save your hair from the barber.

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