There are locations across the United States that are considered sacred, especially locations that have to do with the structure of the states in the early formations of our country.  Think battlefields of the east coast during the American Revolution or southern states during the Confederate War.  Montana isn't any different with one of the most famous battles taking place in the southeastern section of the state.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn.  Custer's Last Stand.  And while many stories, articles and movies cover much of what happened at this site, there is one part that seems to be left aside, that should be honored just as much as any part of this sacred ground.

Honoring the Fallen, Even Without a Name at the Battlefield

The Little Bighorn Monument is definitely a bucket list item when it comes to visiting Montana.  Displays in the museum can take you back in time with original pieces from Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.  Items to include original Cavalry boots or swords, ammunition, clothing and more.  There is also one unique piece that you won't find anywhere else.  The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

What to Expect and Where to Find This Monument in Montana

When visiting the battlefield, a recent addition to the park is that of a special marker and busts to commemorate the battle itself, but also the lone unknown soldier.

Custer Battlefield Museum Website
Custer Battlefield Museum Website

The remains are that of an unknown soldier, found during the 50th anniversary of the battle as road construction was happening near the battlefield.  He is presumed to have been one of Major Reno's men, one of the first Seventh Cavalry men killed in the opening phase of the battle in the river valley near Garryowen, Montana.  In the picture above, you can also see the new Peace Memorial that has been erected featuring sculptures of Sitting Bull and George A. Custer.

Want to see it in person?  Head on I-90 toward Garryowen, Montana and use exit 514 to reach the museum, monument and battlefield.

What about being a part of the reenactments that happen at the battlefield?  Ever thought about participating?  You can, check out the recruitment video for the U.S. Cavalry School.

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