Richest Americans in 2023 - How Many Montanans Made It?

There is an old saying about how to treat one another, simply called "The Golden Rule".  In easiest explanations, a moral principle of treating others as you yourself would like to be treated.

Then there is the other definition of that rule.  That those with the gold make the rules.  And, according to Forbes, those with the said gold are only getting more and more rich each day and year.

Naming The Top People on the List is Pretty Easy

Names on the list towards the top continue on as always.  They are also some of the most recognized names across the country and probably even the world.  Names like Musk, Bezos or Gates.  Maybe it is the Zuckerberg, Walton or the Koch on the top 10 that will immediately ring a bell to you.

But what about the names in Montana.  I can easily name the top person in our state, but what about the other two names that are making it into the list of the top 400?

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We've All Most Likely Used a Product or Two of Theirs in Montana

That top name is an easy one coming in at number 145 on the list, Dennis Washington, the construction and mining billionaire.  Net worth for him is at $7 billion!  This year, there are 2 other names that are making it on also.

For 2023, Austen Cargill, II and Marianne Leibman who are both part of Cargill, which provides food, agriculture and bioindustrial products on a worldwide scale.  They both are worth an estimated $5 billion each.

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