Crazy Reviews for Montana's Number One Hotel Will Amuse

When it comes to being the best at something, it can be a double-edged sword for a person or business.  On the one hand, being recognized for your accomplishments is wonderful.  On the other, it means it opens you to extra scrutiny, especially online.

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It means that many people will look for the smallest thing to call you on.  One of those ways is via the internet comment section for reviews.  So, what happens when you are voted the number one place to stay?  You guessed it, the reviews don't disappoint.

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Trip Advisor Says This Is the Best Place to Stay in Montana

Tripadvisor touts itself as the go to place to get a personalized itinerary guided by traveler tips and reviews.  Their latest top listings for places to stay include the Springhill Suites by Marriot in Bozeman, Montana.

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With 5-star ratings everywhere, it was amazing to see that it had also received some not so highly rated reviews also.  What would people find to complain about with this hotel?  Would it be food, uncomfortable beds or service?

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Do Reviews Make or Break a Business in Montana?

Reviews that weren't as glamorous for the hotel often were aimed at parking fees:

"Amazing room, but breakfast was lacking and it’s extremely irritating that they charge $12/day for parking. Ridiculous for a suburban hotel."

"Room ok but calling it a "Suite" seems aggressive. Mid Feb, hotel not that full, so parking lot was nearly empty. Got a parking spot right near door. However, hotel charges $12/night to self-park, even though the property does not compete with other hotels or businesses. When I inquired as to why, the front desk just replied, "it is at the discretion of the management and owner to charge it".

"Charging $12 per night for parking is offensive, especially since I am a Bonvoy gold member. This sort of nickel and diming will deter me from staying here again."

Other posters took to the rooms or food to complain:

"The rooms are very dark. This seems to be a trend in many hotels now, but I prefer much brighter lighting. Good to see a bar, but it was a little lacking in choice. Breakfast was quite limited too. But, overall, this hotel is pretty good."

"The hotel was nice and ok clean. It could have used a little more cleaning. Not cleaning the rooms everyday, they need to spend more time when they do clean."

Are any of these complaints enough to make you shy away from this business or any other hotel location?  Let us know in the comments or you can email us here.

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