The worst kept secret in all of the US of A has to be that Montana is one of, if not the most unique state in the Union.  Mountains, flatlands, rivers, streams, creeks, National Parks, I could go on and on.

Through all of it, I manage to keep finding unique places and things to do in this great state.  It really never ceases to amaze me about how little I know about it.

You Probably Think More California Than Montana for These

The Redwood cedar forests of California are legendary for the size that they grow to.  But, did you know that Montana is actually home to an amazing redwood cedar forest as well?  Nestled in the Northwest part of the state, The Ross Creek Scenic Area offers over 100 acres of incredible forest to enjoy and be mesmerized by.

How To Get There to See This Amazing Stand of Redwood Cedars in Montana

The Ross Creek Scenic Area offers a .9-mile trail to walk around with interpretive signs to help you along the way.  Or you can make an entire day trip along the Ross Creek Trail which is just over 4 miles in length.  The grove itself features trees that exceed 10ft. in diameter and over 170ft in height.  The grove is estimated to be over 500 years old.  Established in 1960, the National Forest Service manages and protects the area for scientific and recreational purposes in the Kootenai Forest area.

Want to check it out for yourself?  Take State highway 56 in northwestern Montana to a point just south of Bull Lake, where the four-mile-long road to the grove heads to the west. There are no camping facilities at the Cedar Grove, but there are two National Forest campgrounds on Bull Lake.

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Montana Isn't the Only Rocky Mountain State to have Redwoods. Colorado features a petrified forest of them.

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