When you travel the highways of Montana, you are bound to get lost in everything that you can see.  Whether marveling at the Big Sky, the open plains, the mountains or the wildlife that dots the sides of hills, there is a plethora of tantalizing things to tease your eyes with.  One of those things seems to slip through the cracks in our state though.  That of the wildflower.  Montana is home to numerous different species of flowers and plants, but they don't seem to get the same acknowledgment that the above mentioned things do.

Bringing Home A Piece of Big Sky Country - Picking Wildflowers, Is It Legal?

Traveling the state, you are bound to encounter all sorts of beautiful flowers.  Even some of the simplest of fauna can be amazing.  Coming across a mountainside that is completely covered in sunflowers all brightly shining in yellow, green and black can take your breath away.  Or a mountain valley filled with shooting stars of bright purple, white and yellow.  Now that you have found it, should you or can you bring it home?  The answer is actually both, yes and no.

When You Can and When You Shouldn't Bring Home A Prize To Admire

Picking flowers in general in Montana is not illegal, but there are a few rules that you may want to follow to avoid any problems.  Picking is allowed in public areas across the state, however you may not pick any type of flower or plant in our national forests, in any of the national parks and of course from any private property.  The Bureau of Land Management allows for picking but try to keep it to a minimum and it is not allowed in any form of commercial operation.

So, in general terms, sure it's ok to grab a bouquet to take home to Mom for Mother's Day, but do remember that any time you do, you are disrupting the ecosystem that many other plants and animals rely on.  Perhaps finding a seed company may be a better option.

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