Oh Baby!  How Big is Big in Montana Lingo?

When it comes to childbirth, I have the utmost respect for you ladies out there.  Carrying a life within yourself for those 9 months has to be an incredible experience.  I can only imagine how it is to do so.  And while most aspects of the child making process are fun, there is one part that I do not envy one little bit.

Again, utmost respect for you Moms out there.  I am sure there are a multitude of different things that you experience through the process, but one gets me more than anything else.  The birth.

How That Works, I Am Still in Wonder and Amazement

Hey, I don't want to gross you out while trying to read this.  But being able to birth an average human being in size from the womb is, well, incredible.  But how can that fit through there?

So, imagine my surprise when I started looking into what some of the largest births across the world, the US and in Montana was.  Yeah, this has got to hurt.

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The Largest Baby Ever, compared to Montana's Largest Baby Born

In record lore, the Guinness World Records lists a child born in 1879 in Ohio as being the largest and longest ever.  Coming in at an amazing 22 pounds!  Considering that the average birthweight of babies is around 7 to 8 pounds, this boggles the mind honestly.

We make some big things in Montana, but our record is a little less than that.  If it really is the record.  In my research across the web, I came upon only one large story of an individual giving birth to a large child.  That in Bozeman, back in 2002 weighing in at 13.5 pounds.

Do you know of a larger child born in our state?  Let us know!  Talk with us through our appchat feature, comment on our social media or you can email me here.

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