Far too often, folks complain about things rather than getting involved and attempting to improve things. 

Here's your chance to get involved in our community by serving on the City of Great Falls Police Commission. 

What an excellent opportunity to learn about the Department's inner workings and positively influence our community.

Don't get me wrong, boards and commissions are nothing short of a commitment and can take up some time, but from my experience, the rewards far out weight the negatives.

The Details

The City Commission is currently accepting applications for a single citizen to join the Police Commission, serving a three-year term that will extend until June 30, 2026.

The Police Commission, composed of three individuals appointed by the City Commission, is responsible for reviewing all applicants for police officer positions and presiding over disciplinary appeals within the Police Department.

Interested applicants must fulfill the qualifications mandated by law for municipal office holders. They must also be residents within the City's boundaries.

While not obligatory, familiarity with the judicial system and the rules of evidence about court hearings is considered advantageous.

Contact Lieutenant LaBard at 455-8556 for further details about the Commission.

Application forms are accessible at the City Manager's Office in Civic Center, Room 201.

You can also obtain them by calling 455-8450 or visiting the Advisory Boards section on the City's official website.

The application submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2023.

Additional Thoughts

In my humble opinion, if you are interested, reach out and get more information on the commission and what all serving entails.

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