Is It Really That Noisy in Great Falls?

"Ambient noise" is the noise which exists at a point of measurement in the absence of the sound emitted by the source being measured, being the total effect of all other sounds coming from near and far.


Yeah, it doesn't make a bit of sense to me either, but this is by definition, part of the code that governs noise levels in our city.  In general terms, if you set off car alarms in the neighborhood with your straight piped, big block hot rod, you'd best be ready for a ticket.

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So, What Is the Ruckus with the Sound in the Electric City of Great Falls

Any city has noise, even the smallest of towns have some sort of ambient noise that permeates the ear.  Great Falls has those normal sounds.  Construction, pets, people, cars, airplanes and tractors.  But does it affect people enough that it would cause them to not want to live here?

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Hey, I grew up in small town Montana, with a school population of K-12 of 76.  But we still had sounds.  When I first moved to Great Falls, I lived in Pretty Prairie, atop Airport Hill.  When we still had jets.  I managed to sleep just fine.  So, when seeing someone say they had concerns about our airplane or helicopter noise, it kind of set me back.

Sure, Malmstrom Air Base is Here, But Do the Planes and Choppers Really Bug You?

With the Malmstrom Air Base located in our city, the Montana Air National Guard on the hill and the Great Falls International Airport, sure, we have airplane noise.  But is it so bad that you wouldn't move here because of it?


A recent social media post posed that very question.  Is Great Falls an overly loud city with all of the air traffic in our skies.  Without a comparison city to gauge the sound level to, what is too loud?

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What do you think?  Is Great Falls a loud city?  Do the airplanes or helicopters that do frequent our airspace above bug you?  Let us know via the app chat feature, through our social media or you can email me here.

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