New Scam Alert Warning for Small Communities in Montana

The saying is the only two things that are definite in life are death and taxes.  I have something that I think should be added to that, and I can't believe that there isn't a saying involving them yet.  Criminals.  They just never go away and once one does, another is there to immediately take their place.

The internet doesn't help this fact.  Nor do smart cell phones.  Hackers and criminals can infiltrate these with ease it seems, and nobody is immune to those attempts.  Now, they are targeting outlying areas in smaller communities to see what they can catch.

Using Montana Law Enforcement to Make You Think It Is Real

In certain instances, it is just a rehashed way that scammers will target you.  Perhaps a text referencing a package awaits you, a long-lost relative is attempting to leave you money, or that you have won something.  Cleverness doesn't seem to be a problem for these folks.

Another familiar way that criminals will attempt to gain access to your private information is via your phone.  A new scam using this tactic has been reported in both Fergus County and in Judith Basin County.

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Montana Law Enforcement Won't Be Calling About a Missed Payment

In a new social media post, the Fergus County Sheriff's Office issued warnings to residents of Lewistown and more that calls were being made to individuals requesting payment due to missing court and or jury duty.  These are FAKE!  Do not fall for them.

Judith Basin County Sheriff's Office also reported that they too had received reports of individuals getting calls with the same wording.

Needs tips to stay safe in the cyberworld from scammers?  Keep reading to check out galleries on just how hackers attack and how to be prepared.

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