There is a lot of area to explore around Great Falls that just so happens to be off the beaten path and absolutely beautiful.  These spots are within 30 miles of Great Falls and will only cost you the gas to get you there.  I always have my German Shepards, Daisy and Dirty, with me either leading the way on the trail or cooling off in the river.


1.  Moroney Damn.  Close to Great Falls but this road defiantly needs some work and can be a bit rough on your rig.  So, watch out for those potholes!   FYI...sunsets over the Missouri River are amazing!

2.  Largent Bend on the Sun River.  I love this area!  It is a fishing access between Vaughn and Sun Prairie.  The Sun River splits into many channels here and when the water is low you cross and explore all the different areas.  Some of these areas are completely covered in bring a beach towel.


3.  West Bank Park.  You don't have to drive far to get to this spot.  It's a quiet area on the Missouri River with amazing views.  The paved trails on this side of the Missouri River are in great condition.  If you bring your dogs, be sure to have them on a leach.  The paved trails on this side are amazing for roller skating, skate boarding, biking, walking, running, or pretty much any activity you choose.


4.  Rainbow Damn.  Just another amazing place to hang out and watch the sun go down over the Missouri River.  And this trail will take you to Giant Springs State Park, the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, and all-over Great Falls.  Great Falls has over 60 miles of trails connecting to area attractions and other great parks.

5.  Black Eagle Park.  This park is legendary.  The park overlooks the Missouri River and has covered patios for BBQ's, play gyms, huge tractor tires to climb on, an old-fashioned merry-go-round, and a huge slide that you just might catch some air on while cruising down about 60 feet.

There they top 5 places to explore in or around Great Falls.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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