It's been a few years since I have been on the back of an iron steed.  As the hot days commence, the sounds of them thundering through the city streets of Great Falls or hearing them bashing gears on the interstate reminds me why I miss mine.

Just not enough to run out and purchase another to climb on and spur through Wolf Creek Canyon.

The Love Relationship You Will Find Amongst Fellow Riders And The Open Road

Riding through Montana should be on an itinerary for any enthusiast out there.  Riding any of our local canyons around Great Falls can bring you either to the brink of your ability in corners for those that push the limits, or the most leisurely ride on a Sunday afternoon that might only last for an hour or two towards the Highline.  The freedom that is felt on a motorcycle is almost indescribable.  The views of Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks can be breathtaking without the pillar of a window in your way.  It is, simply put, an unprecedented way to see not only Montana but any part of the country or world.

If It's So Great, Why The Hate?  That Too Is Indescribable To A Point

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that accidents on our highways or streets happen in a split second.  It's even less for a motorcyclist.

I've been extremely fortunate to have ridden with some of the best riders out there.  From all walks of life.  Lawyers, real estate agents, business owners, folks that love to just ride, and even a few of the 1% clubs that exist.  All wonderful.  But there are the handful that make me cringe when I see or hear them on our roads.

It only takes a split second.

I cringe as I sit on my porch watching riders slam gears between two of the worst intersections in Great Falls.  It's only a matter of time before one won't be able to slow down, or the oncoming traffic will run a light a little late.

It only takes a split second.

For the love of everything, put your brain bucket on.  If you do nothing else to protect yourself riding, even if it is a half-shell, put on the helmet.

It only takes a split second.

Find some leather.  Seriously.  And then wear them.  If you never had one or thought they weren't that bad regarding a gravel rash as a child, imagine what it is like at 30-40mph with just shorts and a tank top on.  Let alone at 70mph.  Wear the gear, boots included.

One Last Parting Shot For Love, Hate, and Vehicles Out There

Loud pipes save lives.  I've seen it happen to myself from riders, or needed to in order to let someone know I was near.

But do you need to rap them everywhere?  Sure, under the Central Avenue West Bridge is always fun to test with shorties on your steed or the small block Ford, but every single stop light?  Either waiting for the light to change or taking off from that same light?  I love that sound from both, but at 2 am it can be a little unnerving.  That goes for your lawnmower muffler cars too.  Nobody wants to hear that.

Ready to go all Sons Of Anarchy on me?  You can by commenting on our socials or emailing me here.

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