Vigilance.  It's probably a word that has become more frequent in conversations across our country since 9/11.  You may look over your shoulder a little more, wonder about what may happen at a large gathering, or even more simple things as highlighted in the link to the story below.

Has it ever happened to you?  Has someone ever thought you were a "shady" character?  Enough so that they would actually take action because of something you did?

I Have Never Considered This in the Electric City, But Someone Did, Thankfully

Working as a radio personality, we often are requested to broadcast live from special events or for an advertising campaign for a client.  The July 4th parade this year was no different.  I found my parking spot, grabbed the station remote broadcast gear and headed to my pre-determined location.  Upon arriving, I realized I didn't have my phone to keep in contact with the studios.  Once my co-host arrived and we had discussed things, I headed back to my rig for my phone.  That's when things got a little weird when I returned.

My Thanks To This Person Keeping an Eye Out for the Rest of Us

Once I returned, my coworker informed me that once I left, a gentleman approached her and asked if she knew me.  Of course, she said yes, but why was he curious?  I didn't realize when I arrived that I was carrying just a backpack and briefcase with equipment.  I set it down behind me and watched the parade.  The off-duty fireman noticed this chain of events and had concerns that I was looking a little "shady" and had concerns about the backpack and briefcase being left behind.  Never would I have considered that something that I have done numerous times before could be construed as something sinister.

Keeping Vigilant in Today's Times, Even in Great Falls

Am I mad?  Hardly.  I am thankful that we have citizens within our great city that take the time to realize there could be a problem and to bring it to light.  It is a shame however that our society has come to this, being paranoid of even the most mundane of things.  It is a sad commentary on our society.  Thankfully though, we have gentleman and women across our city, county, state and country that are ever vigilant in making sure that we as a people are safe at our celebrations.

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