More Snow Coming To Great Falls; City Requires You to Keep Your Walks Clear.

Brace yourself Great Falls.  More snow is heading to the Electric City.  Maybe you are lucky enough to have a neighbor that has a plow on their four wheeler.  Every once in a while, an angel on a four wheeler with a plow, comes through the neighborhood and does the front sidewalk, all the way around the block.  A true miracle of Winter.  I appreciate you.  Whoever you are.

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Most likely a four wheeling angel will not be clearing the front of your house from snow.  It is your job.  Homeowners are responsible of keeping the sidewalks in front of your house clear.  It's in the code.  The actual code.

Residents are given 24 hours after a snowfall to clear their sidewalks.  24 hours.  I personally don't know anyone that has ever been warned by the city or even given a ticket.  I do know that for the most part, that Great Falls, is generally pretty good with having clear sidewalks.  Good job Great Falls.

Maybe you are new to town, and have no idea there is an actual "code" that needs to be followed, when it comes to having snowy sidewalks.  Well, welcome to Montana.  We shovel snow when it snows.  Don't have a shovel?  No worries, I'm sure any of your neighbors would be willing to let you borrow their snow shovel to clear your walks.  You really don't want to be the only one in the neighborhood who isn't keeping to the "code".

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